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5 Ways to Grow Your Email List for Guaranteed Success

There is no better marketing tool than an email list. An email list is different than other forms of marketing; it’s a voluntary sign up, which means the consumer is already listening to you. You no longer have to get their attention. When you promote a product, they’re much more likely to buy into it. However, the key lies in building that list: how do you do it? It’s easier than you may think.

  1. Hold a contest and give away prizes to the winner.

    Running a contest on your website or blog is a surefire way to entice more people to sign up for your list. Make that a requirement for the contest, as well as sharing your page on social media, and then do a random drawing. Sure, you’ll lose a few subscribers after the contest, but you’ll keep a lot more.

  2. Use a BIG, visible button for the sign up form.

    If people have to search for your email list’s subscribe features, they won’t sign up. Make sure it’s in a very visible, prominent place on your site – and it doesn’t hurt to have it on every single page.

  3. Include a free item for those that sign up, such as an eBook.

    People love free stuff, and an eBook that provides them with valuable, useful information about the niche they’re in a a great way to get more subscribers. The key is to make the book an attractive offer; something they can find anywhere else isn’t going to net you too many new sign ups, but making it unique and worth selling will. Make sure the book has actual monetary value, and it will be successful.

  4. Use social media to your advantage -- tap into your network!

    Chances are good that if you have a large social media following, some of them will want to be part of your email list. Just announce through Facebook, Twitter, or your platform of choice that you have an email list and invite them to sign up. You’ll be amazed at the response.

  5. Attend networking events and business gatherings to make in-person connections.

    When you go to networking events, business conferences, and more, you end up with tons of business cards and contact info. Ask if it’s alright to add those people to your email list, then do so – the in person connection means they’re more likely to pay attention to the information you send out than someone who has no connection you.

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