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5 Secrets of Crafting a Email Newsletter that Customers Want to Read

Are you ready to create an effective email newsletter that captivates your readers? You can use a few primary techniques to ensure your email makes a positive impact on recipients. Consider this simple advice when designing a great email newsletter.

  1. Design Your Email Well

    Marketing research suggests that an email subject line should be between 60 and 70 characters to be most effective. Expert marketers recommend designing an email newsletter using a single column layout to suit most audiences and keep readers from wandering around the page for information. Avoid adding tons of graphics into the email as some pictures and visual effects may take longer to load on various devices and in some mailboxes.

    Use the recipient's name in the subject line and make reference to the product, service or course the individual is familiar with, so that he or she doesn't mistake the email as personalized spam.

  2. Focus your Content

    An email newsletter that drones on and on is likely to repel readers who are pressed for time. Stick to defining a few specific points or benefits, and expand upon them using direct, clear language as much as possible. Use subheadings in your email newsletter to organize it and help readers skip ahead to areas of interest. Concentrate on providing only useful content that subscribers will want to read.

  3. Keep It Simple and Aim for Conversion

    If you think your email newsletter is too long or overly packed, then it probably is. Remember that your goal is to magnify your message, and then invite the consumer to buy a product or service in the process (if applicable). Using soft sales techniques can work to your advantage in your email newsletter. However, avoid placing vigorous sales advertisements in every email newsletter you send, or you may turn off some of your subscribers.

  4. Set a Frequency for Your Emails and Maintain It

    Many successful small business owners don't send more than one email newsletter a week. However, entrepreneurs in various niches may send emails on a biweekly, or even a monthly basis. If customers are bombarded with lengthy email newsletters multiple times a week, they may block your emails. Then again, if subscribers receive your newsletters on a casual basis, they may believe it is not necessary to proceed with your brand, and you will lose the chance to demonstrate the value of your email program, product, or service. Once you set an ideal number, stick with sending subscribers the newsletter at the same frequency.

  5. Deliver it At the Perfect Time

    If you create the perfect email newsletter but it is never read by your recipients, then it is ineffective. One way to increase the odds of your email being read is to send it at the right time of day, between 9 and 11 am (after breakfast), or 1 and 3 pm (after lunch). Sending emails on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are recommended so the emails are not lost on a busy Monday or deleted in haste on Friday before the weekend.

Tons of businesses design and send email newsletters, but few send those that are actually read and appreciated by subscribers. Keep in mind what your readers like and what they are looking for to make solid decisions regarding your email newsletter. If you follow these tips, you can get your email noticed and read more.

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